If you have made it onto EME and you are currently reading this, you either know a lot about ethical fashion or you are somewhat interested in it but don’t really know where to begin or what to do -I feel ya, I used to be like this on the regular. That was until I came across the APP Good On You, the best-kept secret that the world needs now more than ever. It lets you search for any brand, or browse by category to find out whether your favourite brands are ethical and sustainable behind the scenes.

I’ll break this app down for you with an example of what used to be my absolute go-to brand – Glassons. It’s affordable, the clothing looks great, and the quality would last me at least a few years. What’s not to love? Turns out a lot.

By just searching Glassons into Good On You, I’m able to see that they are currently rated with 2/5 stars, displaying that they are not good enough currently with what they are doing as they don’t communicate sufficient information in regards to both the environment and labour policies.


I’m able to see where they are at on a scale in relation to Labour, The Environment, and Animal Welfare whilst also getting an overview as to why they are ranked where they are in each category. In case your fave brand (like mine) is rated incredibly poorly, Good On You also offers you more ethical alternatives.


What makes this app even better than it already is, is that you can send out a quick message to the brands you love, asking them to do more -except you don’t have to go to all the labour of typing out a message, Good on You has that already done for you.


I am consistently in awe of this app, and what the people behind the screen have been able to make available to you. If you haven’t already searched your app store whilst reading this, I highly recommend you download it now.

No more complaining that finding ethical and sustainable alternatives is too hard friends, that’s now been made simple as ever for you. 

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