I’ve never understood the whole stereotype about woman’s obsession with shoes, along with the idea that a single pair of shoes can really change a whole outfit. That was until I came across St Agni, and ever since I’ve wanted to buy every style in every colour.

St Agni was founded by Laura and Matt in 2014 in Byron Bay, Australia. Their idea behind St Agni was to ‘create simple luxurious pieces that reflect the beauty and freedom of the Australian lifestyle, using quality leather and fabrics.’

Their overall philosophy is the ‘less is more’ mentality, so their pieces are simplistic but they also only make enough to support demand -which really means get in quick with a brand like St Agni.


By holding this mentality they aim to minimise their carbon footprint and waste creation to minimise their impact on the planet. To further this they have tried to use as little plastic as possible within their packaging and as a result, you get a sweet reusable dust bag.

All of their shoes are made in a small leather factory in Indonesia called Java, however, all the leather itself is sourced from Australia. The factory consists of 50 staff members, and St Agni prides themselves by being able to work with the artisans to make a quality product.

St Agni, however, doesn’t just do shoes anymore, they now include clothing and accessories which ultimately makes me even more obsessed with this epic company.


You can check them out here.


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