‘I see you, and I care’

If you are looking for an online store filled with gorgeous handmade bags, clothing and stunning pieces of jewellery at super affordable prices with a twist then Elegance Restored is it. Elegance Restored is more than just a store though, the pieces are made by those who have a story to tell and 10% of profits are also donated to help to care for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Based in the USA, Elegance Restored holds the missions statement “We are committed to lifting up the families of the world, because when families flourish, poverty drowns and freedom is at hand” –A statement I couldn’t agree with more.

Kelsey, the founder, is an incredibly lovely and hilarious human being who also is the Mumma of three kids herself. Therefore it’s only natural that all of their pieces are made under fair trade principles and the main focus of Elegance is on helping to directly support the well-being of families all over the world.

With every purchase, a minimum of 10% of profits are donated to A Family For Every Orphan.  What’s more, the products that Elegance Restored stocks are made by people where the direct impact of them making the product is helping to change their world. From keeping individuals out of human trafficking in Nepal to providing jobs for HIV positive mothers in Kenya, Elegance Restored core focus is on using your buying powers for good. To purchase something made by someone less fortunate than yourself and saying “I see you, and I care.”


If you want quality items that you know are making a difference to the world, but yet don’t cost you your whole pay-check then I couldn’t recommend checking out Elegance Restored more. You can check out their website here, or follow along on their journey via their Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.




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