I came across Bamboo Monkey on Instagram (as I seem to do with all epic brands) and I completely fell in love with this jumpsuit, long before I knew the amount of mindfulness that has gone into creating the clothing they have.


I’m sorry, I’ve never been one to show you the same piece of clothing in three different colours but HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS?! I’m sure you can now understand why I became as inlove with their clothing as I did.

I was lucky enough to end up receiving some of their pieces which over the past two weeks I’ve nearly worn to death. It’s weird to have an item of clothing I actually get excited about wearing once I get home from work and their sweatpants are it -the level of comfort is insane.

Enough of what I love, and how comfortable their pieces are though, because the whole reason I do these Brands For Good is so that you can have an understanding of what each brand does, and the story behind it. With Bamboo Monkey, their story and goal resides in their focus on breaking the cycle of fast fashion by creating high quality pieces that don’t compromise on style. What started off as a sock company has turned into a place where you can find high quality, super comfortable basics all made out of Bamboo.

Why bamboo? Well turns out that Bamboo absorbs 5x the amount of greenhouse gases, and releases 35% more oxygen into the environment than an equivalent stand of trees. Bamboo reaches maturity a lot quicker than other resources, and is also self regenerating. Meaning it grows naturally and requires no chemicals unlike that of cotton which has the highest pesticide use of any crop.

Bamboo Monkey is based in Melbourne, and are consistently creating new products in their range such as a Keepcup based on inspiration around them such as One Million Women and the War On Waste doco series. I don’t know about you but an adaptable company, that is big on quality products, sustainability and empowering the people that create their clothes is one that I want to be a part of.

If you want to invest in your own Bamboo Monkey gear you can do so via their website. Or you can follow their journey via Instagram, and Facebook.

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