Post Sole Studio is a unisex footwear label that makes all their shoes, locally in a factory in Melbourne. They have their own range and also make high-quality shoes for other like-minded brands both locally and internationally.


It was through following them on Insta (like all good things) that I found what really went on in making a pair of shoes. The amount of gluing, setting and waiting to ensure that a pair was made with no short cuts was something I personally fell in love with.

Their pieces are made to order ensuring there’s no extra from making too many pairs. Along with this, each pair is made with the intention of creating shoes that will transgress many seasons. Their focus is on comfort and versatility, two things I personally find to be most important when I’m about to invest in a new pair of shoes.


If you are looking for shoes that are well made, and hand made locally then look no further as PSS have you covered. You can get your own pair made over on their website. Or you can follow their journey on Instagram.


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