I realised recently that although it may be all well and good to discuss some absolutely phenomenal brands and interview their founders, sometimes people just need a one stop shop where they know everything featured on their website is made ethically and sustainably. I know for me when I started this is what I was hunting for.

So, prepare yourself to find out some of the best of the best online marketplaces where I go personally. The first stop, eco|mono. 

eco|mono was started by Sam Leigh in 2016 initially as a fashion blog dedicated to helping her readers become educated about the garment industry. From here, Sam realised the impact that mass consumerism has globally, and decided to take the idea of having a wardrobe full of clothing that doesn’t hurt people or the planet to the next level. This online marketplace was launched in March 2017 and has easily become one of my absolute faves. In a nutshell, it’s an online store for conscious consumers that are dedicated to building a sustainable wardrobe full of stylish monochrome essentials. They work with brands and local, Melbourne based designers that are each doing their piece in the name of fair fashion.

Sam understands that there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to people’s views on ethical, and sustainable fashion. That’s why they’ve created a section to allow you to shop by values. 

What values exactly? I’ll quickly discuss a few of the 10 values and some of the awesome brands that feature in each. Alternatively, if you want to check out the whole list you can do so here.

Environmentally_Friendly_808e2652-b02e-4e7e-b018-1f1fd3f2c011_480x480ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

‘Also known as eco-friendly, these products have minimal or no harm on the environment and ecosystem. Environmentally friendly brands are taking steps towards bettering our planet and taking care of mother earth.’

BrandsBon, Le Buns, Outland Denim, Revel Knitwear. 


‘Buying a product that has been made by someone who is of working age, has safe working conditions and are paid a living wage allows you to shop with a good conscience.’

Brands: Theo the Label, James & Co, Lois Hazel, Bon, Le Buns, Outland Denim, Arnley, Dom+Nique,
Rena Hang, Kowtow.

Minimal_Waste_12815f53-da4f-4828-a206-1629b55cec09_480x480MINIMAL WASTE

‘The fashion and textile industry is the second most polluting industry after Oil…that is huge. Here you can shop brands that are reducing the amount of waste hitting landfill by creating made to order products. Having something made especially for you ensures you won’t be wearing the same dress as Sue from Accounts at the next office party.’

Brands: Revel Knitwear


‘Explore brands who have introduced innovative and problem solving manufacturing into their design process. From Natural and Organic fabrics, biodegradable materials and non-toxic dyes.’

Brands: Theo the Label, Uncle May, Le Buns, Arnley, Bon, Kowtow. 

& there you have it, the first online marketplace to be featured. If you are after the perfect place to start shopping online, eco|mono is my go to.

If you want to check them out for yourself, here’s their website. Or if you want to follow along on their journey, you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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