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As the name suggests, The Very Good Bra has very good bras. And very good undies. And very good sleepwear. And just basically very good everything you need for a good (and ethical) night’s sleep.

Starting as a Kickstarter, The Very Good Bra now crafts eco-friendly bras for all shapes and sizes, as well as some beautiful sleep and loungewear. Having originally started a brand focusing on wire-free, natural bras in proper cup sizes (we know, it seems too good to be true, right?), Steph, the glorious founder, set about crafting the world’s first zero-waste bra, and this is now a reality. You go, girlfriend!

In her own words, Steph is “OBSESSED with leaving no post-consumer waste”, so The Very Good Bra’s processes and products are completely and totally waste and toxin free, which is also why they run pre-sales. Pre-sales are perfect for gauging appropriate stock quantities and demand—especially in The Very Good Bra’s case as there are multitudes of different boob-age sizes out there—and this waste-free commitment is what makes The Very Good Bra that little bit more wonderful.


Sydney, Australia



From the fabric to the thread, the labelling and the accessories, The Very Good Bra bras are made from natural components, meaning that you will not only sleep well but will sleep well knowing your garments will never do any harm to the environment. The bras are so eco-friendly, in fact, that earlier this year one of their bras was eaten—yep, completely chowed through and gone—within 8 eight weeks at a worm farm. How kind-of-gross-but-totally-cool is that?!

Your very own very good bra will arrive at your doorstep (completely carbon-neutrally, may we add), wrapped in recyclable tissue and placed lovingly inside a compostable mailer. Oh, and if you’re thinking “I swear I’ve seen this company on The Project before”, you’re absolutely right! After this TV mention and a successful 30 day crowdfund, The Very Good Bra got cracking on creating a Vintage Peach version of their, well, very good bra.

So, as well as being able to choose between black or peach, The Very Good Bra’s selection of innovative (and comfortable!) products will not only keep everything you need supported, supported, but when their time has run out, they can also support the growth of your garden and the little critters that call it home. Did someone say sustainability?

Want to know where The Very Good Bra sits and what they’re working on in terms of these 5 values? Hover over these values to find out.

Want to know more about the founder’s journey?
Read our interview.

“Trump had just been elected and women in the US were marching and burning their bras. At the same time, the poor in New Delhi were dying from the pollution originating from burning toxic rubbish to keep warm. I decided there and then that a bra had to be designed with its end in sight, a bra so safe that it could be burned, or buried in the garden at end of life, with no impact on the natural world. The bra needed to be botanically circular”.

Stephanie Devine

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