Five of you are about to win one Koala-ty prize.

Five of you are about to win one Koala-ty prize.

Sorry, had to.

But seriously, how would you like to win a $100 voucher to Koala Eco, an Australian natural cleaning company creating products that actually work? If we could enter we could, but alas, we’re not allowed to enter our own competitions. The system’s rigged.

Koala Eco is an Australian sustainable cleaning company creating affordable cleaning products that are not only safe for your family and the environment, but that are also just as effective as your usual suspects. Marrying pure botanicals and plant-derived ingredients with research-backed evidence, Koala Eco has been making natural cleaning mainstream since 2017.

Koala Eco’s range of natural, effective and non-toxic cleaning products includes everything from Fruit And Vegetable Wash and Hand Sanitiser to Dish Soap and Floor Cleaner; all are vegan, all natural, environmentally-friendly, anti-fungal, disinfecting; they don’t contain dyes, synthetic fragrance, masking agents, palm oil, SLS or phosphates; and they’re refillable and are packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable materials, so no new plastic is needed to create them.

Koala Eco is up there with the very best of what natural and eco-friendly cleaning has to offer, and we don’t take those statements lightly. To be innit to winnit, click the link below and (totally securely) fill in your details. That’s all you have to do.

Good luck, and may the best (five) Eco-warrior(s) win!

By entering the Koala Eco competition, you are agreeing to receive communications from both Ethical Made Easy and Koala Eco. However, entrant details will never be made available to any other parties. All other communications will contain an opt-out option. Competition ends at 9am AEST on the 15th of November 2021.


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