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fredric is a Sydney-based ethical fashion label mindfully producing dynamic, engaging and playful women’s clothing for those of us who want to tread a little lighter. With over ten years of experience in the fashion industry, Anna Friedrich, fredric’s founder, “wants to educate on conscious consumerism, reducing waste, and engaging in industry transparency.” We’re totally here for it.

Whilst other companies in the ethical and sustainable fashion sphere aim to produce garments that are classic and simple in their design, Anna is instead creating pieces that are playful and eye-catching and, of course, that don’t cost the planet or its people to make. With fredric, Anna is also extremely transparent – there is often a gap between when we receive our garments and how they were actually made, and Anna is filling it. 

In regards to ethics, Anna acknowledges the workers who produce her fabrics and fibres as they are often overlooked in the manufacturing process. Thanks to her use of certified and organic fibres, Anna is provided with certifications and proof of a living wage and safe working environment for these workers, from the spinners to the farmers.Anna is vehemently anti-fast fashion (big yes from us), which is why she chooses to release limited collections with fredric. The lines are limited to 10 products or less, and here Anna also limits the number of garments produced. Because of the smaller collections, each and every fredric piece is completely unique, so we can say with complete confidence that you’ll avoid any unwanted matching outfit moments when you wear a fredric garment.

The fredric pieces are crafted from materials that are all certified and approved organic or recyclable. GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic cotton twill and a recycled viscose/nylon blend are included in fredric’s sustainable fabrics of choice. With fredric, Anna is committed to eventually using only 100% recycled, organic and traceable fibres, and is also on a mission to phasing out all man-made fibres.

What’s more is the organic cotton is locally-grown, which means the material itself does not travel long distances in order to be manufactured into garments. In an effort to further reduce their carbon footprint, fredric sources fabrics within the country of production – the woven fabrics are both sourced and made in India, whilst the knitwear is both sourced and made in China. By utilising local materials, the fredric team is doing their best to have as minimal a negative footprint on the environment as possible.

To combat wastage, the Indian factory fredric works with only uses two fabrics, so any offcuts or excess fabrics are easily repurposed to create another garment. In regards to the parcels, fredric’s packaging is recyclable, recycled and totally plastic-free. As well as this, fredric’s design and production processes and laser-cutting further reduces waste, and so too do the high design and production recycling standards maintained for both material and paper.

With fredric, Anna is committed to environmental and social responsibility, and to creating garments that do not make the wearer choose between looks and ethics. The playful, dynamic, engaging and eye-catching fredric garments are designed to be worn time and time again, and are all brought to life with the highest level of environmental and social responsibility as can be achieved by a small and sustainable Australian ethical fashion business.

Want to know where fredric sits and what they’re working on in terms of these 5 values? Hover over these values to find out.

Want to know more about Anna’s journey to creating fredric? You can do so here.

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“Working in the industry for so long conditioned me to de-value clothes because I had rapid access to them, and was constantly designing, mainly for commercial profit. I had three closets full to the brim of clothes and yet still had 'nothing to wear'. It took me a while to get out of the 'fast fashion' mindset and I endeavour to sing the praises of conscious consumerism, and slow fashion to my customers”.

Anna Friedrich


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