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Have you ever looked at a rain poncho and thought to yourself: “that is a beautiful poncho, I want one of them on my back right now.” No, we didn’t think so. We’re not going to lie, we never had that thought either, until we stumbled across a Margate-based company that creates ethical and sustainable rainwear that is extremely pleasing to the eye. Do you know who we are talking about? We’ll give you a clue: they definitely pack a Ponch.  

Born from a love of music, design, and nature, Ponch is providing consumers with funky rainwear that is simultaneously breathable, durable, and stylish. Our favourite feature is the ability to pack it away (hence the clever tagline) when the sun is shining. Simply fold your Ponch back into itself and pop it in your handbag or luggage until the clouds come back—genius! 

The Ponch team thinks “there is often a disconnect between a product and the reality of its production”, and we literally couldn’t agree more. Because of this, the Ponch products are made in a WRAP certified factory organisation that operates in a completely ethical way, and is audited to ensure this. The Ponch team even visited the factory and can confirm that the only things plaguing it are cleanliness, comfortability, and safety.

Even the materials used are helping to eliminate waste. Did you know that, every single year, over 300 million tonnes of virgin plastic is produced? Don’t worry, we vomited in our mouth a little when we heard that stat, too. Both the main fabric and the mesh the Ponch goodies are made from are 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, and the suppliers are certified by the Global Recycle Standard. The materials are also completely PFC free—PFC is the extremely toxic chemical used for water repellency (yuck, right?). 

Even the packaging is next level: there is no trace—none, nada, ZILCH—of single use plastics; the swing tags are compostable; the garment bags and labels are both biodegradable and compostable; and the mailer bags are made from biodegradable paper. Also, the Ponch team are always looking for ways to improve, so if you’ve heard of the best thing since microwavable mug cakes in the eco-packaging department, hit them up! 

To be honest, Ponch is more than just a kickass company mindfully producing products that are so beautiful you’ll be hoping for a rainy day just so you can wear them. Ponch is a forward-thinking business that’s using the production processes to make lasting, positive impacts on our world, a world riddled with overconsumption and excessive waste. So next time you have a festival to attend, a mountain to climb, or a poncho party to make an appearance at, pack a Ponch in your ethically-made backpack.


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“Like many independent labels, we do not own our factory. It took a long time for us to find a production partner who was not only a waterproofing specialist, but also demonstrated a high regard for the wellbeing of their staff. But our search was worth it”.

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