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We don’t really think of candles as an item that can be bad for the environment or bad for us. What’s more natural than wax, right? The truth is, not all of the components of a candle are always sourced ethically and responsibly, and the wax can also hold a cocktail of toxins just waiting to be lit up and released.

Salt Trading Co is a company straight out of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast that creates a luxurious range of homemade candles, as well as diffusers, mugs, and wax melts. The candle scents are endless and include sweet combinations like Sandalwood and Saffron (Wanderlust), Golden Wattle and Sweet Rich Honey (Wild Honey), and Banksia and Grapefruit (Barefoot). Salt Trading Co also uses high quality essential oils and natural, plant-based fragrant oils in all of their products. Can you smell them yet?

Their wax is soy and is completely free of toxins, carcinogens, synthetics, palm oil, and any nasties that make their way into our everyday household items. Oh yeah, and you know the vessel that holds a candle? Salt Trading Co uses a ceramic that is made locally, so when the candle is used up, you can fill the vessel up with your lunch and repurpose it as a bowl—after you wash it of course!

Their wooden wicks are sourced from native sappy fruit trees from certified mills across the US, and it’s these wicks that provide a soft ambient crackling sound as they burn. Better still, for every 100 wicks used, a tree is planted which helps empower communities in Central America, South America, Africa and Asia to incorporate tree planting into their agricultural activities.

Like the candle vessel, their products will also arrive in a beautiful cloth bag that is basically made to be reused—whether you need a travel bag for your jewellery, or to separate your underwear or your shoes. You can even shop with Afterpay, there’s free shipping in Australia for orders over $100, and you can also personalise your candle order!

So, if you’ve been waiting for a great-smelling, ethically sourced candle to make your home smell like a tropical oasis, Salt Trading Co may be just the place for you.

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“Sourcing ethical and responsible products within your own country is surprisingly plentiful—it may be a bit more expensive, but for me it’s not about the money, it’s about the choice. I would rather produce a more expensive eco friendly product than a cheap and nasty one”.

Hannah Martin