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Our periods come more often than a text message from our latest Tinder hookup, yet we still treat them like they’re taboo and we’re still using unsustainable, bleached tampons month-in-month-out. The Periodical has pulled some strings to not only remove the stigma around periods but also offer a more ethical and sustainable option for people who period–how bloody good!

Did you know that the first tampon ever created still exists today? Our periods already cause us enough grief (PMS, cramps, the ability to eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting), so we don’t need the added guilt of an unsustainable period as well. This is why The Periodical exists, to reduce the amount of tampon waste in the world. Made from 100% organic cotton, The Peridocal’s tampons break down in five years as opposed to 500—yep 500!

The other benefit of a 100% organic cotton tampon is the fact that you’re not putting a bleached product up your hoo-haa (their words not ours, but we’re here for it), the most absorbent part of your body. According to The Periodical, you’ll probably use over 12,000 menstrual products in your life and there isn’t any research that unequivocally says conventional tampons are safe for your health—WTF?! An organic cotton tampon is better for your bits and the planet.

Last but not least, The Periodical believes that every person has the right to period with dignity. Destigmatising periods is not just important for us in Western countries, it’s also crucial for developing nations where women don’t have access to sexual health education. The Periodical partners with an organisation in Northern Uganda that provides women and girls access to secondary and tertiary schooling, sexual health education and clean and safe births. Educating girls is key to changing the world, both socially and environmentally, which is why The Periodical make it their mission to support this program.

A sustainable and ethical period is possible. Treat your vagina, the planet and women in Uganda with the care they all deserve. Period.

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Bethany Killicoat from The Periodical is fighting poverty one sustainable period at a time.
“I use organic cotton, nothing else, in my tampons. When we use conventional pads and tampons we're using products made with a lot of toxic chemicals. These toxins can disrupt our endocrine system, leading to some serious health issues like infertility and even cancer. It's pretty shocking that we're taught to put these products into the most absorbent part of our bodies, for days, weeks, months and years of our lives without ever knowing the full impact they can have. Period products are considered a medicine, so they don't have to publish their ingredients list. Sneaky!”.

Bethany Killicoat


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