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Whether you’re a fan of the snow or if you’ve only ever gone on one ski trip in your life, you’ll know the difficulty in finding snow gear that ticks all your boxes. You want the technical aspect (warmth, functionality, etc.), but you also want something modern, well-made, and reflective of your personal style (that won’t cost you a deposit on a brand new car).

Let’s say you find something that covers all those things and you’re ready to swipe that card. The only problem is, you’re usually committed to buying ethically wherever you can and you haven’t asked yourself the fundamental question that you usually ask when you buy something new: who made these clothes?

Enter Yuki Threads. Not only is their snow gear functional, stylish and reasonably priced, but it’s also certified Fair Trade and made with GOTS certified fabric; their synthetic fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles; they use Bluesign approved fabrics; they’re proud partners with 1% For The Planet (a self-imposed environmental tax on all sales); and all of their makers are certified with social compliance via current audit certificates, meaning every single person in the supply chain works in a certified fair workplace.

As far as our standards go, Yuki Threads is as committed to sustainable and ethical practices as a brand can be. However, they make a very clear point that they aren’t sustainable. Confused? Don’t be—this is what true transparency looks like. When Yuki Threads began back in 2010, founders Mitch and Lani were doing back to back seasons between Mt Buller and Japan (jealous much). They had a vision to create a 100% Australian owned snow apparel company that bridged the gap between the mountain and street and also genuinely cared about their customers.

As the company developed, Mitch discovered more about sustainability and their corporate and personal responsibility. They implemented all of the aforementioned responsible practices but quickly realised it wasn’t possible to be 100% sustainable. To them, sustainability is the ability to replace a resource as fast as you are taking it, which, when you think about it, is almost impossible when it comes to garment production. Instead, they’re always refining their
systems and reviewing their supply chain to make sure they’re doing the best they possibly can.

Although EME has clear definitions of what it means to be ethical and sustainable—and we think Yuki Threads are doing an amazing job at ticking those boxes—their transparency and integrity is as refreshing as a cold alpine gust of wind to the face.

Want to know where Yuki Threads sits and what they’re working on in terms of these 5 values? Hover over these values to find out.

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Luke Mitchell - Yuki Threads Founder
“We still work with the very first manufacturer in China. We had to move away from them for a time when we changed our ethical standards but they ended up getting certified and we could go back and work with them. As much as I knew that things were above board you can’t exactly just tell your customers and everyone else ‘na, it’s all good. He’s a good bloke. It’s all above board.’ That doesn’t really fly these days. It was actually really sweet to be able to work with them again”.

Luke Mitchell


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