How Hannah Green from Haan Haan went from uni degree to New York Fashion Week at just 20 years old.

How Hannah Green from Haan Haan went from uni degree to New York Fashion Week at just 20 years old.

Where do you go after being featured in Vogue and New York Fashion Week at just 20 years old and two months out of a fashion degree? You focus on ethical practices, stay optimistic and stop giving a f*ck according to Hannah Green from Haan Haan.

What made you start your Haan Haan?
Honestly, I sort of stumbled into it. I completed a BA of Fashion Design, and started working in PR and Marketing for another small Australian fashion label. But then, and this is where things start to get interesting, my graduate collection caught the eye of an Australian Vogue stylist, who featured one of my pieces in an Editorial for the publication. From there I was invited to show a collection at NYFW, which was insanely surreal for a 20 year old two months out of uni. It was at this point I began working on the business. Knowing the level of designers I graduated with I knew I had to do something a little different. I’ve always had a passion for print development so I paired this with the undeniable need for fashion to become more eco-friendly and built the collection and brand around sustainable and of course ethical values.

Do you have a morning routine? If so what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?
At the moment I’m actually working full time as a bridal stylist, so I’m off to work 5 days a week. But on the days I’m home I love nothing more than a long morning walk (I live in Pyrmont, Sydney, so I walk through Darling Harbor, The Rocks, under the Harbor Bridge and past Circular Quay and you can honestly never get tired seeing the amazing architecture) and them I’m ready to tackle my lists.

What’s the biggest barrier you’ve found to succeeding as a socially conscious business?
Hmm I think it would have to be finding all the right suppliers and the right manufacturers who also have the same values. Most of these places are just huge money making machines, so to find companies that are socially responsible and sustainable was quite the challenge.

Within the ethical fashion community, there’s a big question that we ask which is ‘who made my clothes?’. In the scope of your business, who made the things you sell? Can you tell us a bit about them?
We work with a rather tight-knit group. I personally do all the designing, initial pattern making, sampling and of course print development. I then work with an incredible company in Indonesia (which is actually run by two Australian women) where their incredible seamstresses create the beautiful final product.

Why did you pick the fabrics you have chosen to work with?
Choosing the right fabrics is so important to me as a print developer. It was paramount that the fabric selection was sustainable in one way or another, whether it be natural fibres or recycled polyesters. I then use only natural and eco-friendly inks and dyeing techniques to create totally unique designs.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?
“Be optimistic. Think that great things are coming. No matter what you’re going through, think ‘there’s so much to look forward to'”

What’s next for you and Haan Haan?
Were actually going Australian made. It’s so important for me to be hands on and really get to know the people who make our garments. Our next collection is already underway with an incredible new team. We also want to focus a little more on sustainable textile innovation – so who knows what type of fibres we’ll be working with in a year.

One book and/or documentary everyone should read/watch? Why?
‘The subtle art of not giving a F*’. I was a little late to the party on this one and I know it has nothing to do with fashion, but I think this industry is so judgmental and imposes a lot of unnecessary self doubt which more often than not a lot of people take to heart. This book honestly taught me not to give a F* about the critical side eyes and to have a little more faith in what I’m creating.

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