Our Values

We’re founded on three core values:

01. Freedom – We believe in a better future – for all.

A future where everyone involved in the fashion industry is treated with respect; where everyone is included; where fashion provides you with the freedom to express who you are and live a good life. Whether you’re the person harvesting the cotton, sewing the fabric, or wearing the final product, everyone involved in the production and consumption of clothing has the right to freedom.

Ethical Made Easy wants to see the end of exploitation in the fashion industry in this lifetime. That means we no longer want to see the need for the term ‘ethical fashion’. In other words, we want Ethical Made Easy to no longer be necessary. It’s a huge goal, but we think we can get there by providing you with the freedom and education needed to shop consciously.

02. Transparency – We believe in meeting people where they’re at.

We are all at different stages on our journey, have different life experiences and are afforded different privileges. We don’t believe there is only one way to be ethical. But we do believe one creating a more ethical fashion industry starts with transparency.

That’s why we are always honest about who we are, how we work and who we work with. This means we do everything we can to ensure the brands we feature are in fact ethical. We have a strict vetting protocol where we research and test all brands before featuring them on our platform. We also are quick to admit when we’ve made a slip up—be it the disposable coffee cup purchase because we were desperate for some caffeine, or if we discover one of our brands doesn’t meet with our standards.

03. Integrity – We uphold strong moral principles

We started EME in 2016 because we wanted to find brands that aligned with our moral principles. Today, we are the home of ethical brands who do just that. We also share stories of people and businesses doing good things, while making it easy for you to identify those who aren’t. 

Everyone’s morals and values are different, as is everyone’s version of ‘good’, but to put it plain and simple, EME believes that people and the planet come before profit. We uphold this day-in-day-out with integrity.


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