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Sustainable Soap Swaps for A Low-Waste Home

We’ve put together an ever-growing list of companies providing sustainable soap swaps for your low-waste or zero-waste bathroom.

Sustainable Soap Swaps for A Low-Waste Home

Written by Lola Asaadi. Main image by Sans Ceuticals (the creator of our dream soap holder).

When it comes to sustainable soap swaps, bar soaps rule the game. They’re low-waste to no-waste, they’re super travel-friendly, and a good bar soap lather hits different than an ice cold glass of water on a hot day. In saying this, living a completely zero-waste lifestyle is, for some, completely unattainable, so providing consumers with low-waste, more considered alternatives is just as important. With all of this in mind, we’ve put together an ever-growing list of companies providing sustainable soap swaps for your low-waste or zero-waste bathroom.


You cannot form a list of sustainable soap swaps without including Ethique. You just can’t. Ethique is a 100% plastic-free company providing conscious consumers with everything you need for a lower waste bathroom, from lip balms and face scrub bars to bottle-free moisturisers and hair care products. As for the soaps, Ethique even has handwash concentrates – all you have to do is mix the concentrate with boiling water and voila, sustainable soap swap right at your fingertips (literally). For the cherry on top of the gluten-free cake, all of Ethique’s products are sustainably-produced, biodegradable, cruelty-free, plant-based, and completely free from palm oil, palm oil derivatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances and animal derivatives. 

Our pick: Invigorating Handwash Concentrate – Lime and Sweet Orange

The Australian Natural Soap Company

The Australian Natural Soap Company is a proudly Australian made and owned plastic-free, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, all naughty things-free company producing sustainable soap, shampoo, conditioner and skincare alternatives to those of us who are looking to live a little bit more sustainably. They also have soap holders made from reclaimed wood, shaving soaps, and plastic-free brush alternatives. Their Liquid Soaps are the perfect sustainable soap swaps – they’re packaged in glass bottles, they provide a gentle and softening cleanse, and they can be used on the hands, face and body. What a good soap. 

Our pick: Avocado and Macadamia Face and Body Wash


When it comes to sustainable soap, thankyou is a game changer. thankyou is totally committed to environmental and social responsibility, and to providing consumers with high quality, accessible and affordable products, including creams, lotions, sanitisers, scrubs, oils, washes and, of course, soaps. Their Botanical Patchouli & Vanilla Handwash Refill, for example, is Australian-made, vegan, dermatologically tested and sulphate-free, and all thankyou profits go towards ending human poverty. Next time you go to the supermarket for a sustainable soap swap, put thankyou on the grocery list.

Our pick: Exfoliating Body Bar with Lemon Myrtle and Poppy Seeds

Eco Store

Eco Store is perhaps one of the most accessible brands on this list – Woolworths, Nourished Life and Flora & Fauna are just a few of the places you can snap up an Eco Store sustainable soap swap. Eco Store has a goal “to be the world’s most trusted and sustainable home and body care brand”; use sugarcane and recycled materials rather than virgin materials to make the plastic from; use FSC cardboard; and the products are cruelty-free, GMO-free, and are safe for the entire family. Oh, and their products have to be smelled to be believed. 

Our pick: Rose & Almond Oil Soap

This article is part of our Sustainable Swaps Series, a series full of more sustainable alternatives to your everyday household products. As we’ve mentioned before, this is a small but ever-growing list.

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Happy swapping! 

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