Hanna Guy

Hanna Guy

Growing up on the ocean and always holding a deep love of quiet time in nature, Hanna, has journeyed her way through trying to unpack how norms and systems have made such a destructive impact on our planet. Her early career was established through health, community development and business roles in Cambodia, rural Australia, and The USA, leading consistently to her belief in the ability of kind business to create a pathway for community growth.

While establishing her company, Dorsu, she has placed deep focus on slow, fair and safe production to create positive change within the global fashion industry. Building a business is hard enough, but, growing an ethical fashion company in a developing country on limited resources is next-level. Hanna deeply believes that connecting people to the complexities of the truth behind their clothing will empower them immediately and impact the global garment industry for the better, and has joined the EME community to bring you along on that journey.

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