Jasmine Mayhead – Founder

Jasmine Mayhead – Founder

You’d think that an upbringing on a flower farm in the North of NZ would lend itself to a wardrobe of floaty summer dresses and a suntan, but the reality was far less whimsical. Jasmine’s daily uniform consisted of gumboots paired with the sort of outfit Bob the Builder might wear if he forgot his helmet and was covered in dirt. So (completely naturally), Jasmine has spent the last three years in the fashion industry, heading up Ethical Made Easy.

How did this happen? In 2016, Jasmine holidayed in Cambodia, engaging in activities such as haggling the cost of handbags down to impossibly low prices in Siem Reap’s marketplaces. It was one evening after achieving the particular bargain of a $9 handbag that she stumbled across ‘The True Cost’ doco. Having been alerted to the human and environmental price of fast fashion, Jasmine was inspired to do something. So, on the day of her final uni exam that year, EME was born. Where her aim is to convince people via the World Wide Web that ethical fashion doesn’t need ever need to be hard; not for anyone. Whether you’re flush or broke, in-the-know or clueless, we should all be able to partake in conscious fashion and helping others.

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