Lola Asaadi

Lola Asaadi

As the daughter of a man born into the rich Persian culture and a woman who grew up in the heart of Africa, Lola has always been aware of the value of “stuff”. Her exceptional (but totally insane) parents never participated in over consumption, choosing instead to restore second-hand gems, and she has them to thank for her deep-rooted appreciation and respect for this planet we’re all lucky enough to call home.

Despite this, she is a newbie to the ethical fashion world, and is using the skills collected through her Creative and Professional Writing degree to further her knowledge in this area. When she isn’t busy writing for and learning from EME, you’ll find her either whipping up blog posts for a cosmetic clinic or attempting to further ethical-ise her life. Mention Harry Potter and chocolate—preferably in the same sentence—to win her over.

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