Megan O’Malley

Megan O’Malley

In a previous life, Megan travelled the world as a cruise ship dancer and a Bollywood extra. During this time she was an unashamed shopaholic, frequenting high street brands in every country she visited.

Megan returned to Melbourne to study which led her to reexamine her relationship with fashion and allowed her the opportunity to deep dive into the impacts of the industry. In 2016, she and her friend Gab trekked 3500km across Southeast Asia, as part of a project called Walk Sew Good, to learn from and share the stories of people creating fashion in positive and sustainable ways. It was a humbling experience that opened her eyes to the skills, talent and heart that often go into making our clothes.

After writing an article imploring people not to start their own ethical fashion brand, Megan did just that. She founded HUMIFORM to create clothing with purpose and engage young people in the ethical fashion process. Megan is ready to challenge and disrupt the system and is excited to do this as part of the team at EME.

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