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What is size inclusivity and what ethical and sustainable brands are size inclusive?

What is size inclusivity and what ethical and sustainable brands are size inclusive?

Written by Lola Asaadi.

Although the thin, toned bodies that have been normalised as the “ideal” body type still appear to be so within the fashion industry, in recent years there has been an interest in and a demand for a more inclusive representation of bodies, both on social media and in the fashion industry—and it’s something we’re completely here for.

Influencers and body positivity activists/models such as Robyn Lawley, Iskra Lawrence, Ashley Graham, and Tara Lynn have been paving the way for catwalks and companies alike to showcase a more diverse range of bodies. With runway appearances and magazine covers peppered amongst them, it seems their efforts have begun to stick, and the success of these women shows that different body types are now being accepted into the mainstream fashion media discourse.

On the topic of media, social media, particularly Instagram, is home to a number of accounts advocating for inclusivity for all, and has been a springboard off which body positivity movements have been launched. @iweigh and @healthyisthenewskinny have seen immense success, with thriving communities, podcasts, retreats and workshops between them, and have been normalising all bodies and rewriting the narrative of what a “normal body” looks like.

Runway aside, and with a more general acceptance of body types apparent in the media, what is size inclusivity in fashion? Size inclusivity in fashion is essentially the way in which a business caters to the majority of body types and sizes, as opposed to the limited size range that has generally been the norm within the industry.

In the ethical fashion world particularly, there is not only a push to design adjustable, reversible, and versatile garments for re-wearability and trans-seasonality, but also in an effort to cater to all body types, shapes, and sizes. With ethical fashion companies you will more often than not see garments designed with wearability for the majority in mind, with the incorporation of removable belt ties, layerability, or adjustable necklines and sleeves into the design of the garments.

But what ethical fashion brands are size inclusive? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a list of 12 Australian and New Zealand-based everyday-wear, activewear, underwear and swimwear companies available on Ethical Made Easy Store that are doing their best to provide conscious consumers with a range of size inclusive garments (crafted ethically, sustainably and transparently, of course). We’re making a conscious effort to add to this list as we grow btw.

Ethical and sustainable size inclusive everyday wear brands


Based in: Australia
Size range: XS – XXXL
Our pick: Market Dress – Mist

Bilboa, an ethical fashion company based in Byron Bay, has a variety of beautiful ethically-crafted, size inclusive everyday pieces that are either readily available or hand-made-to-order. Although the sizing varies between each respective garment, Bilboa offers a massive range of sizing, from XS (8) to a XXXL (20). Not bad if we do say so ourselves.



Based in: Australia
Size range: XS (6) – XXL (16)
Our pick: Cotton Tall Crew – Black for the guys, Jumpsuit – Black for the gals

Australian ethical fashion company Dorsu is committed to transparency, socially and environmentally friendly practices, and crafting garments that are size inclusive. Dorsu’s sizing ranges from XS to XXL for both men and women, and their garments can respectively be longer in length or adjustable, amongst other good stuff.


MANE Project

Based in: New Zealand
Size range: 6 – 16
Our pick: Reversible Isla Dress

Meaning Made At No Expense, New Zealand-based ethical fashion company MANE Project ethically crafts garments that are as beautiful as they are size inclusive. With a range of sizes available, from XS (6) to XL (14-16), the team at MANE Project are trying their best to put as much effort into their ethical, sustainable, and transparent practices as they do their size inclusivity.



Based in: Australia
Size range: 4 (XXS) – 18 (XXXL)
Our pick:V-Neck Mini Slip Dress – Black

When it comes to size inclusivity, NATALIJA is a standout. This Australian-based ethical fashion brand not only crafts 70% of the exquisite garments from deadstock and donates $1 from every purchase to Australian charities, but the clothing caters to an extremely impressive size range, from a size 4 (XXS) to a size 18 (XXXL).


Outland Denim

Based in: Australia
Size range: Too many options, see below.
Our pick: Smith Jacket for the guys, Lucy Jean for the gals

We all know Australian ethical fashion company as a leader in using business to generate immense social and environmental good, but what they are also exceptional at is providing a size inclusive range of ethically and sustainably made garments. Their sizing varies from 24 to 34 in women’s jeans, XXS to XXL in bottoms, XXS to XXL in women’s tops and dresses, 28 to 40 in men’s jeans, and XXS to XXL in men’s tops. Talk about variety.


Based in: New Zealand
Size range: XS (8) – XL (14)
Our pick: Forage Dress – Sand

New Zealand-based ethical fashion label ReCreate values Fairtrade working conditions, certified organic and sustainably-sourced fabrics, and size inclusivity. With ReCreate, you will see not only a variety of beautifully-made garments, but also a lot of batwing sleeves, relaxed cuts, and adjustability, which further caters to a more diverse range of body types and shapes.


Based in: Australia
Size range: S – 5XL
Our pick: Frill Skirt – Black

Australian ethical and sustainable fashion brand Sanct offers a number of beautiful garments in a variety of responsibly-sourced fabrics and, of course, an insanely impressive size range. With tops available from a S to a 5XL and bottoms from a size 8 to a size 22, Sanct has well and truly got size inclusivity (as well as your sustainably-made trans-seasonal wardrobe) covered.


The Common Good Company

Based in: Australia
Size range:  Size 6 to 14 for women, S to XXL for men.
Our pick: John Citizen T-Shirt – For The Common Good Black for the guys, Grace Jones T-Shirt – White for the gals

The Common Good Co

Ethical and sustainable size inclusive activewear brands

Pinky and Kamal

Based in: Australia
Size range: XS (6) to XL (14)
Our pick: Joy Crop – Indigo Stripe

A must in the production of every piece from Australian-based yoga wear brand Pinky and Kamal – aside from ethical creation, sustainably-sourced fabrics, and giving back – is comfortability. It comes as no surprise that their range is very size inclusive, offering from a size XS to a size XL, and that these garments are designed to adjust to and suit many different body types.

Team Timbuktu

Based in: Australia
Size range: XXS – XL
Our pick: ⅞ Legging – Gumnut

Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 16, Team Timbuktu – an Australian-based activewear brand creating quality activewear from recycled water bottles – has something for you. The size offerings differ between their garments, though you can be sure to find your ideal piece of ethical and sustainable activewear from their size inclusive range.

Ethical and sustainable size inclusive swimwear brands


Based in: Australia
Size range: 6 – 22
Our pick: Mossman Reversible Wrapsuit

In terms of ethical and sustainable production, as well as exceptional design and quality, Australian-based ethical swimwear company BAIIA is second to none. However, what they are also passionate about is creating swimwear that is size inclusive of all bodies, and with a size range of 6 to 22, they do this without a hitch. Oh, they’ve thought of the boys as well: the Bermuda Boardshorts are available from a size 30 through to a size 40.

Ethical and sustainable size inclusive underwear brands

Jackfruit the Label

Based in: Australia
Size range: 6 – 26
Our pick: Highrise Briefs – Undyed

Australian ethical underwear company Jackfruit the Label is as serious about size inclusivity as we are about Lord Of The Rings staying on Australian Netflix. Jackfruit’s ethically and sustainably made bralettes and underwear are not only hand-made and crafted from responsibly-sourced materials, but are also all available from a size 6 up to a size 26. You can even choose the width of your bralette straps, depending on your cup size or your own personal preference.

As you can see, size inclusivity is not necessarily a one size fits all approach (pun intended), and the way in which a company incorporates size inclusivity into their designs and processes tells a lot about their commitment to the concept. Size inclusivity in fashion is a non-discriminatory approach to the range of sizes made available by a company, and if you haven’t yet had much luck in your size inclusive brands search, we sincerely hope that this list has helped.

Know of a size inclusive ethically made brand we should add into the mix? Let us know in the comments!


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