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Fabrics - What is Modal?

We all basically know that cotton comes from a plant and wool comes from animals. But what the f*ck is viscose? Tencel? Fleece? And what, pray tell, is modal? Our first stop was viscose, but if you’re in a hurry and you need to get out at modal, you’re in the right place.

Fabrics - What is Tencel?

We’ll be the first to admit that fabric isn’t the sexiest part of the fashion industry, but knowing what you’re putting on your body is… Well... Not that sexy either, but it’s definitely important. This blog delves into the world of Tencel, but brace yourself, it’s a bit of a roller coaster (much to our surprise).

Fabrics - What is Viscose?

While we have not reached a consensus here at EME, and therefore cannot say in this series of articles on fabrics that fabrics are one of the most interesting topics of all time, they are. If they weren’t, why would you have so many questions about fabrics? You wouldn’t

Fabrics Fashion - Is Vegan Leather actually better for the environment?

Since October 2018, searches for “vegan leather” have skyrocketed by 119%. Turns out it’s not only vegan food the world is hungry for, but vegan fashion too. High street brands, like Topshop, are embracing vegan leathers’ debut, and even Dr Martens have launched an animal friendly version of their globally adored classic boot. Vegan leather seems like the obvious ethical and environmentally friendly approach to a US$40 billion leather industry that mistreats animals, exposes workers to harmful chemicals, and pollutes.

Fabrics Fashion - What is linen made from, and why do so many people love wearing it?

Let’s talk about linen. You may only be acquainted with this wonder fabric through your favourite Zingara Collection piece, or because that linen tablecloth your grandma gave you when you moved out of home five years ago is still going strong (regardless of the copious amounts of spilled wine).

Fabrics Fashion - Is hemp the most sustainable fabric?

Of all of the plants available for cultivation and utilisation by human beings, hemp has got to be up there as one of the most handy. Hemp is a strain of the cannabis species so it has long been utilised for its medicinal purposes, but it’s super versatile; it can be used to make paper, art supplies, skincare products, food products, biomass fuels and, because the fibers have immense strength and durability, it is even used to form an insulating building block similar to concrete. So basically, hemp is a super plant.

Fabrics Fashion - What is rayon and how does it break down?

One of the challenges in buying fashion a little more mindfully lies in the journey to find clothing made with fairly paid, happy employees, and within the boundaries of safe and sustainable practices. After this, the hurdle is identifying the fabrics these clothes were made of, and considering the impacts both the creation of that fabric had on the environment and its decomposition process.