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Featured Brands

Lois Hazel

Lois Hazel is an Australian brand to watch. Every one of their collections has not been brought about without complete transparency; transparency on the sourcing of their materials, the production behind each individual element, and the craftsmanship that’s gone into the creation of every piece. Lois Hazel have a stack of cool things on their CV—they’ve been featured on VAMFF’s Off site Runway series and were a 2017 finalist for the National Designer Award—but it’s how they source the fabric they use to create their garments that really makes them shine in our eyes.

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Baiia Swimwear

Baiia stands for “one who has the capacity to change the world for the better”, and we can’t help but agree with how well this fits with the company’s ethos. This is a label that encompasses the idea of creating versatile swimwear for women by using recycled plastic that would otherwise be polluting our precious land and ocean, and clogging up our eco systems.

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of garment workers are women.



of what Australians spend on clothing goes to the wages of workers in garment factories across the globe.



of Australian fashion brands pay their workers a living wage.



of the clothes people donate to thrift stores or charities get sold, the rest goes to landfill.