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Latest Ethical Brands

The ANJELMS Project

We’ve been doing this thing for a while; the sifting through of companies in order to find the big fat (ethically and sustainably minded) gems. Well, when we were sifting recently, we came across The ANJELMS Project, and we may have hit the motherload. Social responsibility, sustainable practices, uniqueness, community, and quality are the pillars by which this incredible company is supported, and it’s just an added bonus that their garments are as absolutely beautiful as the company’s mindset.

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Baiia Swimwear

Baiia stands for “one who has the capacity to change the world for the better”, and we can’t help but agree with how well this fits with the company’s ethos. This is a label that encompasses the idea of creating versatile swimwear for women by using recycled plastic that would otherwise be polluting our precious land and ocean, and clogging up our eco systems.

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of global carbon emissions come from the fashion industry, which is more than shipping and aviation combined⁣⁣.



of what Australians spend on clothing goes to the wages of workers in garment factories across the globe.



of Australian fashion brands pay their workers a living wage.



Fewer than 1% of garments that exist are made into new clothes.⁣⁣