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Fashion - Black, Indigenous and POC-led fashion brands to follow, support and love (not just now but always)

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the protests against racial injustice happening all around the world, we must continue the fight to dismantle systemic racism.

Fashion Lifestyle - Introducing Worn For Good, our new favourite circular fashion platform.

When we called Pip Best, co-founder of Worn For Good and all round beautiful human, she was tucked up in her Bondi home with a hot water bottle keeping her company as she put the final touches on the Worn For Good website ahead of launch day.

Fashion - Can a seasonless Gucci make the fashion industry more sustainable?

For years there have been conversations floating around about the relevance of traditional fashion seasons thanks to our increasingly digitised world. Until now, leading labels have produced spring/summer, autumn/winter, cruise and pre-fall collections to be shown at fashion weeks around the world, but as the fashion industry has globalised and the consumer has become more diverse, the fashion seasons that once aligned with European weather patterns have become obsolete.

Fashion Lifestyle - The untold humanitarian crisis happening in India right now.

Over the last few months one thing has been made clear; when the world is in crisis it’s the oppressed who suffer the most. As the global pandemic has unfolded, the injustices faced by garment workers in developing nations on a regular basis were amplified, something we didn’t even know was possible until now.

Fashion - Giving people jobs is not an excuse to buy fast fashion.

Talking about ethical fashion is hard. When you begin discussing the topic with someone who hasn’t heard of issues in the fashion industry, there’s a point in the conversation when they realise...

Fashion - Is ethical fashion really as expensive as we think?

The average woman wears only 33% of her wardrobe. Dwell on this for a second or two. It’s crazy right? Unfortunately, we’ve been trained to think of fashion like...

Fashion Wellness - The story of all the stuff you own.

Stuff. We’ve all got it. It’s that pile of unused clothes in the wardrobe. It’s those plastic bottles filled with creams and oils shoved into the bathroom drawers. It’s the condiments and stacks of useless receipts in the car glove box.

Fashion - 13 ethical fashion standards and certifications you need to know.

We’ve all had that awkward word moment. You know, the one where someone’s used a word you’ve never heard in your life and you stand there smiling and waving like the penguins from Madagascar told you to because, well, you literally have no idea what that word means. There are a lot of terms within the ethical and sustainable world that are not often discussed or used in the mainstream sphere but are the cause of these awkward word moments. Never fear, Ethical Made Easy is here! Sorry team, we had to.

Fashion - What is a clothing supply chain, and why is it that so many fast fashion companies can’t trace where their products are made?

If you’re relatively new to the ethical fashion space (or not at all new), you’ll have noticed this term popping up a lot. At Ethical Made Easy, we really harp on about it. If you google ‘supply chain’, you’ll get a bunch of information about economics.

Fashion - What is slow fashion?

It is more important to participate in slow fashion now than it has ever been before. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, the textile sector is responsible for 6 percent of global greenhouse emissions...

Fashion - How did H&M top the 2020 Fashion Transparency Index?

It’s Fashion Revolution Week 2020, a week where we come together to ask Who Made My Clothes and address critical issues within the fashion industry. It’s also the week when Fashion Revolution releases its Fashion Transparency Index, a report that rates 250 brands on how much information they disclose with the public. We believe transparency is one of the most important topics of discussion within the ethical fashion world, but we have one obvious question about the report: How did H&M top the 2020 Fashion Transparency Index?

Fashion - What makes a brand ethical?

This is a question as old as time. Well, probably not, but it’s definitely just as complicated. Like you and your high school best friend, the terms “ethical” and “sustainable” seem to be joined at the hip, and although they intertwine and complement each other greatly, the actual meanings behind the respective words differ.

Fashion - Is buying through The Iconic’s Considered Edit a good move for ethical fashion?

One of the greatest things—if not the greatest thing—about Ethical Made Easy is the community it has created, and the curiosity that comes from the people within it.

Fashion - How do you know if a clothing company is ethical?

Sadly, a lot of fashion brands have cottoned on to the fact that ethics and sustainability are great marketing tools. They stretch the truth or manipulate words and imagery to make it seem like they're ethical when really they aren't. Here’s how we discover a brand’s ethics and how we here at EME find out if their claims are actually true.

Fashion - Toxic disposability: The fashion issue no one talks about.

It seems as though everywhere we go we’re reminded to mindfully dispose of our rubbish. Whether it’s the icon of Ronald McDonald dunking a piece of rubbish into a bin on every takeaway cup...

Fabrics Fashion - Is Vegan Leather actually better for the environment?

Since October 2018, searches for “vegan leather” have skyrocketed by 119%. Turns out it’s not only vegan food the world is hungry for, but vegan fashion too. High street brands, like Topshop, are embracing vegan leathers’ debut, and even Dr Martens have launched an animal friendly version of their globally adored classic boot. Vegan leather seems like the obvious ethical and environmentally friendly approach to a US$40 billion leather industry that mistreats animals, exposes workers to harmful chemicals, and pollutes.

Fashion - The fourth-largest freshwater lake, The Aral Sea, dried up, but what does this have to do with clothing?

If you were to ever mention the Aral Sea in regular conversation, you would probably be met with blank stares and open mouths. This is totally understandable —we even had such a moment when we first heard the two words—because the topic is not often discussed in mainstream media.

Fashion Lifestyle - How to talk to your friends and family about ethical fashion.

As a budding eco-enthusiast, you’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve had to explain your actions to someone who may not have shared the same view as you; you may even have gotten into a fight with an old man about the outdated reasoning behind the use of plastic bags at supermarkets. Or maybe that was just us.

Fashion - In the wake of International Women’s Day this is what the fashion industry looks like for women.

International Women’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on both the improvements we’ve made and the hurdles we’re facing in the fight for equality. But what happens when March 8 passes, the Instagram posts are archived, the slogan t-shirts reading “GIRL POWER” are sent to the bottom of the pile, and the marketing campaigns become a distant memory?

Fashion - What is sustainable fashion?

What do we mean when we say “sustainable fashion”? Does it only apply to the beige linen skirts and earthy-toned shirts uploaded to Instagram with a big ass caption?

Fashion - How to let go of the fast fashion brands you love.

Guys, we need to talk. We’re sorry if that line triggers you, but we just really need to get something off our chest. We all need...

Fashion Lifestyle - 3 ways to participate in ethical fashion when you can hardly pay rent.

Let’s not beat around the bush; ethical fashion is more expensive. The cost of ethical fashion represents the true cost of a garment, where no one...

Fashion - Why fashion is a feminist issue.

Fashion can be attributed to feminism in a multitude of ways. Clothing is a form of expression, a way in which women...

Fashion - Four things you should do instead of feeding into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy.

You know us, we’re all for a great deal (vintage Levi’s at an op shop, for one). In saying this, we believe there’s a fine line between shopping with intent and purpose and shopping for the sake of it, and we think Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have crossed it.

Fashion - Why a higher price point does not mean it’s ethically made.

There are many questions a lot of us ponder, though we know in our heart of hearts we’ll never fully know the answer to. What’s really used in hot dogs? What is the meaning of life? Why did the chicken actually cross the road? Sorry to disappoint, but no, we are no closer to finding out the answers to these questions than you are.

Fabrics Fashion - What is linen made from, and why do so many people love wearing it?

Let’s talk about linen. You may only be acquainted with this wonder fabric through your favourite Zingara Collection piece, or because that linen tablecloth your grandma gave you when you moved out of home five years ago is still going strong (regardless of the copious amounts of spilled wine).

Fashion - The Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report - Helpful or harmful?

For the last six years Baptist World Aid (BWA) has released its annual Ethical Fashion Report with the express purpose of providing “... a picture of ethical sourcing practices in the fashion industry as a resource for consumers, corporations, investors, and policymakers.”

Fabrics Fashion - Is hemp the most sustainable fabric?

Of all of the plants available for cultivation and utilisation by human beings, hemp has got to be up there as one of the most handy. Hemp is a strain of the cannabis species so it has long been utilised for its medicinal purposes, but it’s super versatile; it can be used to make paper, art supplies, skincare products, food products, biomass fuels and, because the fibers have immense strength and durability, it is even used to form an insulating building block similar to concrete. So basically, hemp is a super plant.

Fashion - What is greenwashing, and how can we avoid being greenwashed?

Oh, greenwashing: the great marketing tool of our generation. The obstacle that stands in the way of caring, well-intentioned consumers purchasing products that reflect their caring, well-intentioned ways. Greenwashing is basically what Kmart Veja knockoffs are to the real Veja’s: an inexpensive way of leeching off of the hard work environmentally and socially conscious brands do in order to maximise their profits.

Fashion - Is Op Shopping as good as we think it is?

“You’ll be so proud of me, I just dropped off four bags full of clothes to the op shop!” She says, as she grabs another skirt off the sale rack ‘just coz’. When you gather a pile of unwanted clothes, the usual response these days, is to drop them at the op shop, or shove them in those wide mouthed metal donation bins. Although you may think this is the best option for unwanted items, think again.

Fashion - What it’s really like to be a garment worker and run an ethical business in Cambodia.

There are some things in this world that can only be understood when you’re actually in them. Working as a garment worker in Cambodia is one of those. Sure, you can watch The True Cost, read interviews, and indulge in media coverage, but describing what it’s like to work in one of the world’s most polluting and damaging industries, is near impossible.

Fashion - Five steps to a good purchase.

I used to be the type of person to head to the mall each weekend, wallet at the ready with my eyes fixated on all the bargains that were soon to be mine. Now? I avoid the place, I spend my money mindfully and I wait a minimum of two weeks from when I first found an item I ‘want’, before I purchase it.

Fashion - Three ways to break up with fast-fashion.

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve hit “confirm payment” on an item of clothing we’d just seen on the trusty ‘gram a few minutes before. With all of the “Buy Now, Pay Later” options available to us, it’s become even easier to buy without monitoring how much we’ve actually bought, and without giving any thought to the consequences that come from this extremely easy process.

Fashion - Why we shouldn't be settling for minimum wage: The difference between a living and minimum wage.

The minimum wage for garment factory workers in Bangladesh, was raised by 51% in December 2018. You may read this and consider it a huge win, a giant success, and complete accomplishment for Bangladeshi garment workers. Sure, it’s a huge step in the right direction, but rather than leap for joy, we’re unimpressed.

Fashion - Five mainstream fashion brands you didn't know were ethical.

It is our dream for the term ‘ethical fashion’ to cease to exist. Excuse me?! That’s right; ethical fashion should be fashion. No ‘ethical’ needed; treating a person with respect, and protecting our environment, should be explanatory.

Fabrics Fashion - What is rayon and how does it break down?

One of the challenges in buying fashion a little more mindfully lies in the journey to find clothing made with fairly paid, happy employees, and within the boundaries of safe and sustainable practices. After this, the hurdle is identifying the fabrics these clothes were made of, and considering the impacts both the creation of that fabric had on the environment and its decomposition process.

Fashion - Why do brands burn unsold clothes?

As a consumer, you may well have heard of the common practices that brands participate in when ridding themselves of unwanted stock. Incinerating unsold consumer products is a regular occurrence in France and is executed by the country’s leading fashion brands

Fashion - What is fast fashion?

I don’t know who came up with the term ‘Fast Fashion’ first, but whoever did used the genius of alliteration to coin a name fun enough to talk about openly without putting people off. Imagine if it was called ‘child-abuse fashion’, or ‘earth-corrupting fashion’. Not catchy, and people’ll run for the hills as soon as you bring it up.