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One day there will be no such thing as conscious brands, there will just be brands. And labels like Pinky and Kamal will be the pioneers leading the way. Why? Because Pinky and Kamal creates yoga wear to help people move freely, live simply and stay comfortable; being ethical and sustainable is simply a given—that’s the way of the future.

With a background in fashion design, Natalie Carusi has created a label so cool you won’t want to wear anything else during a workout again. But that’s not the only thing that makes Pinky and Kamal so coveted—she’s also created a brand with strong environmental values, while being a positive voice in the fashion industry to promote change within ethical areas. For Natalie, that didn’t mean screaming it from the rooftops in order to make sales, instead she created Pinky and Kamal with the following values: authenticity, freedom, flow, joy and giving back. By following these five values that are naturally aligned with the practice of yoga, she has not only been able to bring beautiful yoga gear to the world, but she’s done so with the environment, people and common good in mind.

Natalie was originally inspired by her yoga own personal practice and her desire to wear yoga gear that was organic and comfortable (and not shiny, synthetic and poor quality like many brands out there). She figured she mustn’t be the only person out there who craved that from their workout gear, and so Pinky and Kamal was born.

“My vision was to create clothing that was so damn comfortable that it would be the first thing you wanted to put on in the morning and the last thing you wanted to take off at night. The fabrics had to be sustainable and my practices would have to be planet friendly,” says Natalie.

All of Pinky and Kamal’s pieces are made from 90% Global Organic Textile Standard Certified cotton and 10% elastane for that desired stretch. Both EME and Pinky and Kamal acknowledge that cotton isn’t a perfect crop when it comes to water usage but it’s a far better alternative than normal cotton that’s sprayed with pesticides, not to mention synthetic fabrics of any kind. Bonus: by removing toxins from the crop, there is less harm caused to the farmers, workers, consumers, and the entire ecosystem, making it an ethical and environmental choice.

Pinky and Kamal’s ethical commitments don’t stop there. A transparent supply chain is another no-brainer for Natalie. In fact, she’s on first name basis with all of her makers. Pinky and Kamal’s head of production is a beautiful Indonesian mother of two who not only keeps her household running smoothly but all of the production for the brand as well, including quality control. Ismal is Pinky and Kamal’s pattern-maker and grader based in Canggu, Bali and he hand-makes all of the brand’s patterns. The team also includes Bayu, a hand dyer and printer based in Denpasar, Bali. Finally, you have Natalie who takes care of every other step, from design to running the business. A small team like this ensures everyone is in constant communication and the supply chain is ethical. Natalie’s biggest goal for the future is to be able to visit her team on a more frequent basis to be more hands-on in the manufacturing process (and we don’t blame her, Bali seems lovely this time of year).

If that wasn’t enough, Pinky and Kamal have also joined forces with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for each Pinky and Kamal sale to regenerate Australia’s fire ravaged areas.

From charity to an ethical supply chain to sustainable fabrics, Pinky and Kamal are making conscious choices in pretty much every area of their business, which, to owner Natalie is just common sense. So let’s make the common sense decision and support conscious brands like Pinky and Kamal (that hopefully one day we’ll be able to just call a brand).

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Pinky & Kamal Founder
“We each all create in our own unique and different ways. I believe it looks different for everyone. Whether that be cooking up an absolute masterpiece in the kitchen or having an addiction to the Facebook marketplace, scouring for them vintage finds, we each have something that we love to bring to life and that we let breathe through us”.

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