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  • Artisan Artisan
  • Fair Fair
  • Gender Equality Gender Equality
  • Give Back Give Back
  • Minimal Waste Minimal Waste
  • Natural Fibres Natural Fibres
  • Repurpose Repurpose
  • Transparent Transparent

We’ve been doing this thing for a while; the sifting through of companies in order to find the big fat (ethically and sustainably minded) gems. Well, when we were sifting recently, we came across The ANJELMS Project, and we may have hit the motherload. Social responsibility, sustainable practices, uniqueness, community, and quality are the pillars by which this incredible company is supported, and it’s just an added bonus that their garments are as absolutely beautiful as the company’s mindset.

Behind every good clothing company is a great producer, and The ANJELMS Project hit the ethical jackpot. The Stitching Project, based in rural India, produces hand made gems, from homewares and quilts to craft supplies and, of course, garments. However, as well as this, The Stitching Project is a social enterprise, a business completely and utterly dedicated to not only providing quality goods but also ensuring fairness and equality are just as much part of their supply chain as the material from which they craft their goods.

Oh, and just when we thought they couldn’t get any sweeter, they go and spring this little bit of info on us: they use traditional printing methods such as block printing and mud resist printing to keep traditional artisan methods alive, and to showcase the rich cultural history of the communities in which they work. The ANJELMS Project is also totally committed to only using plant based dyes for the majority of their garments. Indigo, Lac, Pomegranate, Himalayan Rhubarb, and Marigold are a few of the natural goodies used for dye powdered extracts—all of which are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. We’re so here for this.

If all of this information is doing something special to you, then keep a hold of that feeling and take it to India with you, because The ANJELMS Project has teamed up with Creative Arts Safaris to offer a 15 day tour of Rajasthan! You’ll frequent vibrant Indian markets, visit the Taj Mahal, stay at The Stitching Project, learn all about ethical and sustainable processes, and, of course, craft your own consciously made garment (amongst many other activities). How groovy is that?!

In their own words: “ The ANJELMS Project aims to create collections ethically produced through sustainable and socially responsible practices while using fashion as a vehicle to protect and empower disadvantaged communities in India.” This summation was enough for us to want to support this incredible community, and we hope it’s enough for you, too.

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Want to know more about the founder’s journey?
Read our interview.

Gaelle Beech The ANJELMS Project founder
“It was a meeting 11 years ago during a holiday in Bali with two local women Arik and Jero whom my father in law Michael had taken under his wing during a trip 5 years earlier. A conversation over the dreams and hopes we had, as mothers, for our children made me realise the inequalities in our lives.”.

Gaelle Beech


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