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  • Certified Organic Certified Organic
  • Circularity Circularity
  • Fair Fair
  • Gender Equality Gender Equality
  • Made Locally Made Locally

Meaning “you” in French, VOUS is an Australian slow fashion label crafting garments and accessories that explore the concepts of beauty, the natural environment, and you. 

Renee Verdon, VOUS’ founder, is a huge advocate for slow fashion, and this is obvious in the way she conducts her business. Through considered design and a slow approach, Renee ensures that all products bearing the VOUS name are quality-made and long lasting, and will (hopefully) remain out of landfill for good.

After having a successful career in Clinical Psychology, Renee wanted a change. Is it selfish to say we’re glad she did? Renee studied at The Fashion Design Studio, Sydney Institute – an institute that has seen coveted designers including Alex Perry and Lisa Ho grace its halls – and from here, VOUS was born.

All of the VOUS products are designed in-house in the VOUS Newcastle studio, and production occurs in a 100% Australian-owned and family-run small Sydney business. Renee ensures she keeps a close relationship with her manufacturer so she can truly monitor each stage of the garment’s creation.

In a stark contrast to the typical fast fashion model, VOUS only releases two collections per year – an Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Yep, you read that correctly. After the collections are designed, sampled and produced, only 10 garments per style per season are created, which essentially means that each and every VOUS purchase is wholly unique.

As for the fabrics used in the VOUS collections, they include natural and organic fibres, and are predominantly responsibly-sourced through a number of Australian wholesalers. The knit fabrics used are manufactured by a mill just outside of Melbourne, and VOUS also makes use of deadstock and end-of-roll fabrics, too. Although some of VOUS’ woven fabrics originate offshore, Renee is transparent with this, and acknowledges that Australia does not have the manufacturing means to create certain fabrics.

Renee is extremely aware of the negative impact fast fashion is having, both socially and environmentally. Because of this, she is completely dedicated to minimising wastage wherever she can. Not only are her garments long-wearing and long-lasting, but any leftover materials are used to create the Zero Waste accessories range. Oh, and by the way, we can confirm that the Zero Waste Tote in Olive is hands down the best tote bag we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. 

VOUS’ slow approach to fashion is absolutely commendable, and is also completely obvious through every aspect of the business. Renee’s efforts as a small business owner to reduce waste, source and produce locally, and to ensure her garments are durable and long-lasting shows that she is dedicated to her customers, to the people who create her garments, and to the planet on which the garments will remain in circulation for many years to come.

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“I believe that it is the small independent slow fashion brands, the local independent retailers, the slow homewares shop that you love to stroll through and the everyday person that falls in love with your brand that will make difference in our world. To me they are the everyday movers and shakers”.

Renee Verdon



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