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In our years at Ethical Made Easy, we’ve noticed a common theme: a majority of the founders behind the incredible ethical brands we partner with have witnessed firsthand the extremely negative impact fast fashion has on the environment, which is why they are so passionate about creating a positive difference. Josi Jentzsch, founder of Z. The Label, is no different, and we love her and Z. The Label already.

Z. The Label is an Australian ethical fashion company producing beautiful, made-to-order garments from quality, responsibly-sourced materials. After working in the fast fashion industry, Josi wanted to “create a label that reduces its footprint and is consciously circulating money within the Australian economy.” Every single order is made in the Gold Coast by a small (and local) team; a team that draws the patterns, cuts each piece, and sews every garment.

“There was never a question about where we would produce our garments. It was our dream to employ fellow Australian creatives. We know exactly where our team works and what their working environment looks like.”

What’s more is every piece bearing the Z. The Label name is breastfeeding friendly, and although they aren’t designed specifically for current or expecting mummas, each garment is intended to travel with its wearer throughout all seasons of her life. Z. The Label is completely committed to ethical production, sustainability, local craftsmanship, and transparency, and this is obvious throughout every aspect of their processes.


Why made-to-order, you ask? Well, this system shows a further commitment to sustainable production. This is the chosen method at Z. The Label not only in order to control and reduce the amount of waste the company produces, but also to give the customer the satisfaction of knowing the garment they’ve ordered has been made specifically for them. Oh, and when there is scrap fabric leftover, it is used to be sewn into sleep masks or recycled into samples. Oh, and just fyi, if your Z. The Label piece ever needs repairing, keep the receipt of the repair and get in touch, or send your piece back to HQ and they will take care of the repairs for you – all you’ll need to cover will be the shipping costs.

Fibres and Materials

Z. The Label’s fabric of choice is linen – high quality, OEKO-TEX certified linen, that is. Although the company endeavours to one day source their materials solely from Australian mills, this is not available to them just yet. However, their Gingham Linen is milled in Northern China, and dyed in an incredible environmentally-friendly process. As for the single colour linens, Z. The Label trusts Potter Textiles: a family-run business of 25 years that uses OEKO-TEX certified dyes. Z. The Label also uses deadstock fabric to create their beautiful garments. Currently, approximately 20% of their range is made from deadstock fabrics, and they only hope to increase this number as they grow. As for their wool, they use OEKO-TEX certified merino wool from ZQ Merino; a world leader in ethical wool.


Yep, they even recycle. If ever you feel as though your Z. The Label piece has been left behind in your journey to find your own personal style, or if you just don’t wear it but are vehemently opposed to throwing it away, Z. The Label will happily accept it back. Also, any end-of-roll fabric that they are unable to use is donated to The Social Studio: a not-for-profit social enterprise using fashion as a means of helping to improve the lives of young Australians from a refugee or migrant background.

Z. The Label has a lot of strengths. Obviously aside from their beautiful garments, their made-to-order method, and their unwavering desire to both employ local makers and only participate in ethical fashion production, this company is completely committed to operating with total transparency, and they are constantly trying to improve their sustainability processes. Honestly, this makes us love them even more. Progress over perfection, right?

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Josi Jentzsch
“As a brand we don't offer immediate gratification as our pieces are made to order. Each piece is locally made for the customer. It takes time to build that relationship with our consumers. We believe that if we all took joy in embracing delayed gratification we could reduce our consumption drastically”.

Josi Jentzsch



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