How we source brands

At Ethical Made Easy, we take our brand directory seriously. We never jump into bed with a brand until we know exactly who they are and what they stand for. Regardless of the brand’s reputation or lengthy ‘sustainability’ page on their website (which could just be a load of greenwashing), each brand has to jump through hoops before they are featured anywhere on Ethical Made Easy. Why? Because that’s what you, the conscious consumer, deserve. You deserve an online ethical fashion directory you can trust, and thoroughly auditing brands beforehand is how we make sure you get exactly that.

The Three Core Ethical Made Easy Values

01. Ethically Made

We expect the garments to be made in respectful working conditions. This encompasses everything from toilet breaks and lunch breaks to air conditioning and comfortable desk spaces, and that the basic human needs of the workers making the clothing are being met. This also means workers are paid a living wage, given appropriate sick, maternity, paternity and bereavement leave, and only work overtime if they approve the hours and are paid accordingly.

02. Made To Last

Every garment is made thoughtfully, with practicality and longevity in mind. The garments withstand their determined purpose (e.g. activewear), and last for many more than 30 wears.

03. Sustainable

The environmental and socio-economic impacts of the garments are considered and reduced if necessary. This includes the entire garment production process, from seed to creation. The production of the garments can continue forever, with little to no negative repercussions on the people and the planet.

How Brands Become Part Of Ethical Made Easy

First thing’s first: we make contact. If we love what they do, we’ll email them. If they love what we do, they’ll email us. Next comes the first obstacle course. We ask each brand a range of questions, just like these:

Are you able to give us more information on how you ensure those who create your clothing are paid a living wage to do so? 

Are you able to trace your fabrics back to where they were grown? 

During all questioning and conversation, we hold our three key values close: Ethically Made, Made To Last, and Sustainable. We understand no brand is ever 100% perfect, but if they pass our standards and demonstrate true transparency and willingness to continue changing for the better, we launch into the next step: test and trial.

In our fast fashion focused world, clothes are generally made to last only seven wears. We think this is completely and utterly unacceptable. This is why the test and trial stage is one of the most important in our collaboration process, especially when it comes to our “Made To Last” value. 

During the trial, we make sure each product is something that we would buy ourselves, and the quality is of a standard we’d be happy to pay for. If no one on our team has a need for the product, we extend our trials to you. For example, no one on our team has children, so our mumma readers are the road testers for our ethically made children’s wear brands.

When trialling, we test for:

1. Pilling;

2. Colour longevity;

3. Wash quality;

4. Seam strength; and

5. Overall garment quality.

By this stage, if we love the product, the brand is pretty much our EME BFF. Community is immensely important to us, not only the community we create with you guys but also the one we rely on for the products we test, so working with a brand means we have another valued member of the Ethical Made Easy family. They fit nice and snug into the middle of our Venn diagram, and we are ready to share them with you so you can discover for yourself their goodness and begin to purchase that little more consciously.


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