Our Brands Values


We’ll let you in on a little (not-so-secret) secret, every brand featured on EME will have the Fair Value selected because it’s our main prerequisite for being featured on our site. But why is it so important? The fashion industry is known for its unfair treatment of the people who work within the industry and our biggest goal is to put an end to that. Growers, sewers, creators, and makers must be treated as the skilled individuals they are, and paid fairly for their work. We back brands who ensure safe working conditions, fair overtime pay, freedom of association, health benefits, maternity leave, and wages that exceed minimum rates.


We value honesty, authenticity, and genuine brands who do what they say they do. We understand that it’s impossible to be perfect, in business and in real life, and that’s totally okay. So, if brands can trace at least 80% supply chain, this icon will be shown. Remember, being transparent doesn’t necessarily mean a brand is ethical or sustainable but it does allow us to hold them accountable for a more positive future. However, you can feel comfortable knowing the brands on EME with a Transparency Value are doing great things.


If this value is important to you, we’ll take a guess that you’ve probably heard every vegan joke under the sun. Don’t worry, there’ll be none of that here! We understand you want to live harmoniously alongside animals and that’s why we feature the Vegan Value loud and proud. The brands that tick this particular box don’t use any animal by-products, for example, they don’t use leather. They also don’t test on animals. So if a brand features a Vegan Value, rest assured knowing no animals were harmed in the making of their products.

Give Back

We care deeply about a company’s drive to do good (it’s why these values exist in the first place). Taking corporate social responsibility to the next level, and giving a percentage of profits to a charity or organisation, is our cup of (organic) tea. It’s hard enough to commit to being fair and ethical, so the brands with a Giving Back Value aren’t just thinking about how they can do things better, they’re thinking about how their profits can make a difference in the world, and we think that’s pretty damn special.

Natural Fibres

Oftentimes we’re asked to feature brands that only use natural fibres, aka no recycled polyester. We’re talking linens, organic cotton, any fabric that can biodegrade at the end of its life. Brands that use natural fibres will be displayed with this icon, so no more second-guessing about what’s in your clothes (or bedsheets).

Minimal Waste

If you value sustainability, you’ll want the brands you shop with to feature the Minimal Waste Value. This value looks like made-to-order production, waste free pattern-making, repair schemes, solar-powered factories, recycling water, and electricity, and when a company commits to these practices, we’re there with bells on. Think less impact on the environment and a slower, more considered way of doing business.

Made Locally

In this ever-changing world, a lot of us have committed to shopping locally to support our communities. If a brand features the Made Locally Value, their products are made in the country where the business is based. So if a brand is Australian Made, it’s an Australian company; New Zealand Made, New Zealand company etc. etc. (you get the picture.)

Celebrating Artisan Techniques

An artisan is a person skilled in a trade that involves making things traditionally by hand. The fashion industry is built upon these people and their practices, but they’re often the ones who are exploited or have their practices exploited by big business. If a brand features the Artisan Value they don’t just utilise traditional techniques and processes they celebrate and support the artisans who do it. Some of these practices include block-printing, natural dyes, and hand weaving.

Existing Resources

Similarly to the Minimal Waste Value, the Repurpose Value looks at taking care of Mother Earth. The brands who proudly show this value, repurpose what already exists in the world by minimising waste and utilising existing resources. This can include upcycling, recycling, and rescuing fabrics (deadstock).

Gender Equality

Imagine owning a dress that is not only fair and ethical, but the brand behind it values gender equality. We imagine you’d be walking a little taller every time you wear it. The brands that show the Equality icon celebrate all genders in the workplace and believe in empowering everyone who works for them and wears their products.

Please note: In the future we’d love to be able to visit every brand’s warehouse, factory, supplier or crop to ensure we’re making accurate claims about their values. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to do that right now, which means some of these claims are made with the utmost trust in our brands. If you have any questions or concerns about the brands we feature we’d love to hear from you.


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