Rise & Resist

Rise & Resist

If you need a book that will get you inspired to change the world, this is it.

As Livia Firth says, Rise & Resist will literally ‘awaken the active citizen inside you.’ The world is currently full of resistants, revivals, and rallies for a greater world. Clare Press has trawled the globe uncovering these stories, and presented them in one beautifully bound book like no other.

You’ll hear from quiet activists who walk the walk, extremists who march the streets regularly, and those in between. You’ll feel ashamed, alive, ready, resistant, confused, and informed, but ultimately, you’ll finish the book knowing that you are not just one person, you are one person who CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Whether you’re new to a ‘green-lifestyle’, or a veteran to this whole eco-living thing, Rise & Resist is a must read for anyone who wants the world and its people to thrive.

Are you ready? Grab a copy of Rise & Resist here.

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