Wardrobe Crisis

Wardrobe Crisis

The answer to ‘who makes your clothes?’ used to be an easy one. Not anymore.

Wardrobe Crisis investigates the truth of our fashion ecosystem, and uncovers the depth of the question ‘who made my clothes’ and why no one can answer it anymore. Our ‘buy and discard’ culture has gone way too far, and it’s not just the planet that’s suffering, but millions of garments workers globally.

Clare Press does an amazing job at taking you through the history of what we wear and why, and her description of our fashion ethics and real life anecdotes urges you to reflect on your own wardrobe decisions.

Wardrobe Crisis will help you to come to the realisation that your wardrobe should be treated as an investment and long-term commitment, not an ever changing flow of cheap items that cost the price of a coffee.

Pick up this brilliant read here.

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