Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion

Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion

  • The type of reality TV program that the world needs to see. 

Launched in 2015, this doco series takes three Norwegian fashion bloggers to Phnom Penh in Cambodia to work in a sweatshop for a month. Although we wish it didn’t take this type of program for this issue to be interesting and easily digested, it’s still a worthy watch to be able to gain some insight into a world very few of us have ever experienced.

This social experiment was produced by Aftenposten, a Norwegian newspaper, to answer the question: “What happens when you send three young Norwegians abroad to meet the workers that sew our clothes?”

As you’ll probably expect, some of the scenes are pretty hard to watch without feeling distressed and angered. That said though, we think it’s important to be able to empower us to really take a stand on the things that matter.

They’ve recently uploaded the whole doco to Youtube, it has English subtitles but itsi still highly worth the watch.

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