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Earth is the only home we have, so why are we treating it as though we can scoot across to Mars at our earliest convenience? Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s also extremely porous, so why do we allow chemicals to seep in from the clothing we put on top of it? There is no singular universal skin colour, so why are companies still labelling their garments as such?

The Unseen Label, an Australian-based ethical underwear company, has challenged all of these questions in the form of their ethically-crafted, toxin-free, non-discriminatory underwear, and we are 100% here for it. Essentially, The Unseen sends nudes. In eco-friendly packaging. Five different shades, to be exact. After both experimenting with and trialling over 100 “nude” shades, The Unseen has carefully curated a range of five “nude” shades that complement and work with a diverse range of skin tones. Inclusivity? Tick.

A total commitment to environmental responsibility is one of the many things that attracted us to this company. The Unseen’s underwear is made from a GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo, and elastane blend; they work with OEKO-TEX approved dyes; their goodies are all wrapped up in recycled tissue paper and a non-toxic, biodegradable and compostable bio-cassava poly bag; and their parcels are sent off in either The Unseen’s own waxed-cardboard mailer bag or a compostable Hero Pack mailer bag. 

With such a focus on inclusivity and environmental responsibility, one might think that there would be no time or resources left to even consider the brands’ social responsibility. Well, think again. The Unseen works very closely with their Chinese factory to ensure a firm commitment to their ethics is upheld. The factory, based in the Guangdong Province, aligns completely with The Unseen’s values: they pay above award wages to their employees, and they are committed to ensuring all of their workers are treated fairly and ethically by voluntarily participating in third party audits.

So, do they give back? Do they ever! In true Unseen fashion, The Unseen Label commits 5% of their profits to providing new underwear to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, including people seeking refuge from domestic violence, from homelessness, and from some form of crisis in their personal lives. Through their launch, The Unseen has partnered with youth crisis shelter Bris Youth – to which they have committed to donate 200 pairs of underwear – and they plan to continue giving back as they grow. 

The Unseen’s ethically-made underwear truly is the underwear we all need, and the underwear we all deserve. The non-discriminatory, responsibly-made, refined essentials The Unseen provides to consumers fills a gaping hole in an industry that has been well overdue for a shake up for a long ass time. Pun intended. When supporting The Unseen, you can be sure that you are investing in quality underwear that is as good for the planet as it is for you, and that with every single purchase, you are helping this incredible Aussie brand give back to people in need. 

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Caitlyn Overell of The Unseen Label on being seen within the ethical fashion industry.
“To begin it was the investment needed to produce my fabric blend, and then dye this across a diverse range of skin tones. So I crowdfunded through pre-orders in 2019 so I could bring it to life, but in that time I watched Kim Kardashian launch her brand in the ‘Nude’ space and I remember feeling so uncomfortable. I had spent so much time, energy and investment trying to source and manufacture ethically, with rounds after rounds of lab dips to get the colour matches right, and I started to question whether The Unseen could really challenge this world of fast fashion, especially in the realm of underwear. ”.

Caitlyn Overell



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