For greater than 99.9% of our evolution, human beings lived in this very intimate association with the natural world. The decisions we made on a daily basis as individuals, within the context of communities, were informed by this immediate feedback we got from the world around us—from the sun, from the water that was falling on us—and you fast forward to this little blip in time that we’re in right now and we’re completely and totally alienated from nature. We’ve lost that connection.”

– Dr John E. Peterson

We can get it back, and 2040 shows us how.

2040 is a unique documentary that explores what the world could look like in the year—you guessed it!—2040, based on the resources and technologies we have available to us right now. This is not your typical gloom and doom doco; it’s both magical and realistic, and it shows us just how quickly (and easily) we can turn our collective bad habits around. Let us tell you, if 2040 is anything to go off, our future will be a whole lot brighter (and a whole lot cooler) than the present.

So how can we do this? It’s actually quite simple: by being smarter with our agriculture, planting more crops, (sustainably) farming seaweed, sharing and selling energy within communities, and letting driverless cars take us where we need to go. Oh, and believe it or not, one of the best ways we can collectively help put an end to global warming is through empowering women and girls in all cultures, communities, and societies.

We have everything we need right now to make this future happen, so give 2040 a watch so we can all make a start!

Watch it here. 

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