Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion

If you are a newcomer to the term ‘fast fashion’, Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion serves as the perfect introduction to the trend. Presented by the bassist from British pop band Blur, Alex James, this documentary takes a good hard look at the fashion industry how the trend of fast fashion has a major impact on the globe. 

James takes us on an entertaining and poignant adventure from high street shops in London to the sweatshops and garbage dumps of Southeast Asia, where synthetic materials used for much of today’s clothes create giant toxic pools.

It illustrates the human and environmental impact that our addiction to fast fashion creates. This film not only focuses on the negative impacts of the fashion industry, but also highlights some potential solutions that can ultimately slow down fast fashion.

Although its release was in 2016, the issues highlighted are (unfortunately) still seen today, meaning it’s even more relevant now than ever. This is the perfect film to introduce your peers to the impact of fast fashion, without overwhelming them with complex terms.

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