David Attenborough joins Instagram

David Attenborough joins Instagram

Conservationist Sir David Attenborough has finally joined Instagram at the age of 94. After spending a lifetime documenting the wonders of the world, he’s switched pace, joining the social media movement to spread his environmental message to a younger audience. In under a week the account has amassed a total of 4.9 million followers, a true testament to the impact of his work throughout generations.

Although Attenborough is relying on colleagues Jonnie Hughes and Colin Butfield to run the account, he features in exclusive videos warning of the dangers climate change has on the world, alongside a behind-the-scenes look into his upcoming projects.

In his first Instagram post he states he is making this move because “as we all know, the world is in trouble”. Sir David said his use of the platform is to share the problems and solutions of climate change, in attempts to amplify his call for action.

The caption under his first post stated that “saving our planet is now a communications challenge”, highlighting the need for a mass mindset change. By engaging with a younger audience, Sir David is hopeful that his message will inspire to take action on climate change.

If you are a budding environmentalist or you’re simply interested in following the world’s coolest 94-year-old, we urge you to take a look at his account here
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