Have you ever tried to learn a language only to get so overwhelmed and frustrated that you give up within the first few days? We have.

So where do you go when you still really want to learn said language, but would like it to be so fun that you never want it to end? Enter Duolingo stage right.

Duolingo is a FREE app that makes learning a language fun. Not only are you taught how to piece phrases together, but they also teach you how to speak and write in sentences.

With international travel looking highly unlikely for the foreseeable future, we’ve dedicated this time to learn Español so that when the borders open up, we’re able to not just ask for a glass of red (Una copa de vino tinto, por favor) but we’ll also (hopefully) be able to hold somewhat of a conversation by the time we’ve finished all the modules.

Watch out España, we’re coming for you (well, once we’re actually allowed to). 

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