Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi

Have you ever stopped to think about what lies beneath? No, we’re not talking about the hit horror film starring Michelle Pfeiffer from the year 2000. We’re talking about how things come to be the way they are in nature; how things grow and how they decompose when they die. Truthfully, we’d never really stopped to give it much thought, until we watched the film Fantastic Fungi.

It follows the American mycologist Paul Stamets on his journey to discovering the vast world of mushrooms and interviews the likes of Michael Pollan along the way.

There’s been some incredibly exciting technology created through the use of mushrooms, such as swapping polystyrene for a mycelium packaging alternative that’s strong enough, but yet breaks down once it’s no longer needed, and mushroom leather alternatives in fabrics.

More than that though, there’s the scientific health benefits of mushrooms (we’re not talking psychedelics, relax Mum) that this film goes through. From Lion’s Mane, to Turkey Tail and Reishi (weird names, we know), the power of what these mushroom’s can do in the body is incredible. Fantastic Fungi is a film with incredible cinematography that will leave you feeling entertained and in awe of nature.

We promise you after watching this film you’ll never go hiking the same way again.
Watch it here.

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