Do you ever find yourself at your desk/at the worksite/in class/with family and friends/out in nature and you’re mindlessly scrolling on your phone without even realising how you got there or how long you’ve been doing it? Chances are every person reading this is nodding along in agreement. It’s sadly our new reality and it’s tainting our relationships and special moments.  

Our phones and the apps on them “leverage the same neural circuitry used by slot machines and cocaine to keep us using their products as much as possible” says Harvard research technician Trevor Haynes (give his interesting article a read here).

There is one app you can download to your phone that’s designed to do the exact opposite. Flipd is an app that trains your brain to be focused and present by tracking your mindful moments. We’re only using the free version at the moment, but it’s been so helpful in keeping us on task and present that we’re considering upgrading to the paid version. 

Download it here.

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