Flora – Green Focus

Flora – Green Focus

Flora – Green Focus is one of those apps we’ve heard of for years but never took the time to download. Now that we have, we’re wondering why we didn’t do it any sooner. It’s a game-changer!

Staying away from our pesky phones has become increasingly difficult over the years (thanks TikTok). But with Flora – Green Focus, not only can you manage your time, you can also help the planet by planting trees—talk about eco-multitasking.

The main incentive of the app is to stay on the screen during a set timer where you can watch your little tree grow. The catch is, if you leave the app for any reason the tree dies (yikes). Luckily, if you do succeed, you can unlock new trees and slowly build up a little forest with your focus sessions. To raise the stakes, there is an opt-in price feature where if you do happen to kill your tree, the money is put towards planting a real tree to help those in need.

So far Flora has planted 50,000 real trees, why not give it a go and make that number (and your productivity levels) increase too.

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