Heaps Better

Heaps Better

“To shake themselves out of climate anxiety and into climate action, hosts Ash Berdebes and Jess Hamilton make a pinkie promise to protect the planet and their sanity.” 

In a year that shook all of us to our core, hosts of Heaps Better Ash Berdebes and Jess Hamilton felt their eco-anxiety levels rising. So they partnered up with Greenpeace to turn their worries into action for the planet. 

The result is an uplifting and optimistic look at the climate crisis—something we all need right now. 

Available on Apple and Spotify, Heaps Better features four episodes (so far) that focus on climate anxiety, renewables, consumerism and leadership. Plus each episode comes with its very own downloadable resources so you can learn more—now that’s heaps good!

We really can’t express how great this podcast is thanks to the hosts’ positivity and dedication to finding tangible solutions. Give it a listen now to feel empowered to take on the climate crisis head on (and sans anxiety).

Listen to Heaps Better here.

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