Hiakai is a cookbook that is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. The term Hiakai is the Māori word for hunger or to be hungry, hence the aptly named cookbook. Author Monique Fiso is a Māori-Samoan culinary star who has been exploring Māori cuisine since 2016 in her award-winning restaurant, Hiakai. 

Her book serves as a deep dive into the world of Māori food, the first of its kind to encompass both tradition and ingredients in one book. Split into three main sections, the first explores the history, tradition and Tikanga (custom), the second a glossary of indigenous ingredients plus notes on foraging and usage, the last incles thirty inventive recipes for you to try at home. 

Before its release, this sacred knowledge would be hard to come across unless you knew the right people. Monique has brought Māori cuisine to a wider audience with the hopes that more people will be open to trying something new, (well new to them!) 

Keen to give it a try? Grab your copy here.

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