I Quit Plastics

I Quit Plastics

After ditching single-use plastics a decade ago, Kate Nelson (@plasticfreemermaid) has basically become a walking, talking encyclopedia when it comes to quitting plastics and going zero-waste. To help others, she decided to put all that knowledge into one inspiring and informative book that not only offers advice on quitting plastics, but also provides actionable recipes and instructions so you can cook, clean, shop and live plastic-free.

This book allows you to go from refusing straws, to totally changing your life (and helping the environment) by living plastic-free. Kate’s strategies show you how to reduce waste and live more simply and sustainably, no matter where you are in your plastic-free journey. With over 60 easy recipes covering nutrition, body care, hygiene and cleaning, I Quit Plastics isn’t just food for thought, it’s food for change (literally).

Shop I Quit Plastics here and discover the tools required to make small personal changes that have a lasting impact.
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