In My Blood It Runs

In My Blood It Runs

“When Dujuan cannot run nor fight alone, he faces the history that runs straight into him and realises that not only has he inherited the trauma and dispossession of his land, but also the resilience and resistance of many generations of his people.”

In My Blood It Runs follows Arrernte/Garrwa boy Dujuan over a three and a half year period as he navigates the challenges that face him and his family. Filmed in Mparntwe (Alice Springs), it’s an intimate and moving film shot through the eyes of this insightful 10-year-old healer and hunter who speaks three different languages. 

Created in collaboration and consultation with the Arrernte and Garrwa families, In My Blood It Runs is an important and poignant film that offers a deeper understanding of Australia’s First Nations people and the untold issues and traumatic histories they face on a daily basis. This is critical viewing for not just Australians, but people all around the world. 

Watch it here.

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