Life Wheel

Life Wheel

Are you looking to create a little more balance between work and play? Are you spending too many hours in the office (or home office more likely)? Do you want to set a goal to improve something in your life—savings, water intake, sleep? This app is perfect for anyone wanting to track goals and gain a little balance in their lives. Life Wheel App is the goal-tracking app with a difference.

Simply take the self analysis quiz and you’ll be presented with a life wheel that’s separated into health, career, financial, relationships, family and friends, material, personal growth, and fun. The app will then determine how balanced that area of your life is. From there you can create goals to work on balancing out your life wheel. For example, if you’d like to drink more water, you’ll receive several notifications throughout the day reminding you to drink—how’s that for life efficiency?


You can download it yourself here.

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