Loved Clothes Last

Loved Clothes Last

If you don’t already know her, Orsola de Castro is an internationally recognised opinion leader in sustainable fashion, co-founder of the British Fashion Council initiative Estethica at London Fashion Week and, of course, is the powerhouse behind Fashion Revolution.

Just to make her resume even more impressive (‘cause why not, right?), Orsola has penned a book called Loved Clothes Last, “the ultimate guide on how to love, mend and repair your clothes in the fight against fast fashion.”

Loved Clothes Last is essentially exactly as it sounds – it will be your manual on how to love the clothes you already have, how to make them last, and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle in the process.

With Loved Clothes Last, Orsola equips us with the tools all the tools we need to build a more sustainable wardrobe, and teaches us just how important it is to love the clothes we already have. Honestly, what better teacher than the founder of Fashion Revolution?

Grab your own copy of Loved Clothes Last here, or watch our interview with this change-making woman herself.

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