Poverty, Inc

Poverty, Inc

“The West has positioned itself as the protagonist of development, giving rise to a vast multi-billion dollar poverty industry — the business of doing good has never been better. Yet the results have been mixed, in some cases even catastrophic, and leaders in the developing world are growing increasingly vocal in calling for change.”

Poverty, Inc highlights the issues associated with aid charities. Featuring over 200 interviews filmed across 30 countries, this challenging documentary explores the uncomfortable side of charity that we can no longer ignore. The 91-minute documentary challenges the effectiveness of global charity and suggests entrepreneurship as a solution to end poverty.

“From TOMs Shoes to international adoptions, from solar panels to U.S. agricultural subsidies, the film challenges each of us to ask the tough question: Could I be part of the problem?”

With a tagline that says “Fighting poverty is big business, but who profits the most?” you know it’s going to be an important and hard-hitting watch.

Catch it here.

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