The Daily: The Sunday Read: Sweatpants Forever

The Daily: The Sunday Read: Sweatpants Forever

“Much of the fashion industry has buckled under the weight of the coronavirus—it appears to have sped up the inevitable.”—The Daily Podcast.

The Daily is a (you guessed it) daily podcast by The New York Times and every Sunday they read aloud a longform article in the form of a podcast episode. The most recent Sunday Read was a story by Irina Aleksander called Sweatpants Forever that asks the question, ‘what happens now that no one has a reason to dress up?’. While the article doesn’t so much touch on ethical or sustainable fashion, it’s the conclusion we added to the story ourselves (because we believe it’s the solution to all of the fashion industry’s issues. Obvs.)

If you want to read the story, we highly recommend that too (it’s a visual feast).

Listen here.
Read here.


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