The Sustainable Diet

The Sustainable Diet

With new year’s resolution-season in full swing, many of us are re-evaluating how sustainable our diet is? If that’s you, check out the Sustainable Diet. 

The author of The Keto Diet and The Clean Living series, Scott Gooding, has written a book that balances information with practicality to bring you a guide to a healthy planet and a healthy you.

The latest research indicates that it’s possible to be healthy and eat in a way that is environmentally-friendly. You can expect the diet to be low in carbs and high in nutrient-dense foods that are farmed with minimal impact on the planet. The latest ethical eating practises are featured, alongside the science of feeding your body best, equipping you with all of the necessary information on how to nourish your body. 

With over 100 recipes that keep both your health and the environment in mind you will never have to worry about the impact of your consumption again.

Grab your copy here.

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